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  • Latex mattress series

    Latex mattress series

    ECOLIFE's natural latex products have a "latet touch" that is beyond the reach of others. It has super high elasticity, breathability, stagnation, fit, quietness and environmental protection. The products have obtained the certifications of ECO eco-environmental certification, European confidence textile quality certification, German LGA certification and other international authorities. more...
  • Latex pillow series

    Latex pillow series

    ECOLIFE deeply explores the sleeping culture and learns that sleep can maintain health, promote low-carbon sleep, and live a healthy life. And create the most suitable, most intimate, warmest natural latex bedding. more...

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Ecolifelatex latex latex bedding brand is "rubber kingdom" Malaysian latex bedding brand, is the authoritative brand of natural latex bedding industry. The ecolifelatex brand entered the market in 1971 and has a history of more than 40 years. Ecolifelatex natural latex bedding has been advocating the concept of green, environmental protection, natural and healthy development for half a century. Its product characteristics have the "latex touch" that others can not reach. It has the characteristics of super elasticity, breathability, mite suppression, fit, mute, environmental protection and so on. With the product concept of "Sleep Care", ecolifelatex is committed to improving people's quality of life and a new concept of life, improving people's sleep quality; with the concept of "casting perfect quality, creating perfect service", it has won the trust of global customers for half a century....



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